App Icons Won't Be Deleted Even After App and Data Removal?


This always bugs me. I've been struggling with this for one year!

Ref: FreeCAD keeps showing up in apps

Now for an example, I removed Thunderbird by executing the below:

flatpak uninstall --delete-data thunderbird

Luckily, it got removed from the applications list.

But, when I go to software, thunderbird is there!

Then I did a search on File Manager and found this:

Note: The last line on the screenshot is from timeshift; we can ignore that.

What is the correct solution for a complete uninstallation?

Thank You!

Flatpak: sudo flatpak uninstall [application]

Snap: sudo snap remove [application]

Apt/deb: sudo apt remove --purge [application]

You may have more than one version installed... Zorin comes with Thunderbird as an apt package by default.

Developers do not see the purpose of removing config files always. So some do, some don't.

Nothing should be under /snap, /flatpak, /etc/flatpak, but you still may have to remove ~/.config/[application], ~/desktop/[application].desktop, /usr/share/ applications/[application].desktop. there may be more, but I don't recall off the top of my head currently.


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