Appearance changes/Applications do not launch after some time


I have a strange hard to reproduce issue with Zorin OS 16.1. After some time (typically a couple of days including suspend/resumes) applications like Chrome or Terminal will not launch any more, I just get the spinning wheel of death in Mac parlance. Accidentally I stumbled on a workaround related to another issue that I have with Zorin OS 16.1: after some time the appearance will change from the Windows 10 appearance that I am using to the default Gnome 3.0 appearance. When the applications no longer launch I switch to the default Gnome 3.0 appearance and then they launch again. If I switch back to the Windows 10 appearance they still refuse to launch however. Logging out/logging back in also resolves the issue, but is not very practical.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?


Are you referring to using the Pre-set "Layouts" in the Zorin Appearance > Layouts tab?


Yes, I am using Appearance -> Layouts.


I am using Zorin OS Lite and I learned quickly on Zorin Lite (XFCE) that changing layouts will simply ghost any custom panel and desktop configurations - since which I have avoided the preset layouts like plague.
For this reason, I have, quite literally, miniscule experience with the Preset Layouts.:grin:
Perhaps another user may shine some light on this... But in the meantime, I am going to note this thread for the ZorinGroup to review since:

  • Layouts are a Zorin OS feature that affect all users
  • They are the most familiar with the custom Zorin OS included application