Appearance color always got changed back to Light-Blue, how to change this permanently?

My Zorin Lite 16 appearance color dark theme always got changed back to Light-Blue after applying it for a minute or so, how to change this permanently?

The theme should not change itself...
Can you give clear details as to what you are seeing?
Is it showing a Light theme only in some applications, but not all of them?
Does the panel (taskbar) also change?

dark theme could be applied successfully, on all items. the problem is that it automatically changed back to default light theme after a minute.

Can you please answer the direct questions that I asked?
There is no automated feature in Zorin OS to change the theme Back after a moment, so something else must be going on here.

I already did, maybe I shorten the sentence too much, let me answer you point by point

All of them


I don't think it's a feature to change the color theme automatically, more likely a bug

Which Dark Theme are you using?

Tried all of the themes in default stock, Adwaita-dark, ZorinBlue-dark, ZorinOrange-dark, ZorinRed-dark, ZorinPurple-dark, ZorinGreen-dark
all gave the same result

This is the strangest thing I have seen. And a new one...

Let's see if it is a bug in Zorin Appearance:
Can you tap alt+F2 and enter in
Move to the Appearance option and set your dark theme. Test if it remains an issue setting the theme this way.

I tried ZorinGreen-dark, the selection remains but the color changed back to default regardless of the selection still applied after less than a minute

can you try moving your ~/.config directory, then log out and back in, then testing theme?

mv ~/.config ~/.config-bkp

Setting the bkp (back up) allows you to grab personalized saved configurations if you need them, to transfer over to the newly created default ~/.config directory.

i cant move the whole dir, got other applications with config in there

Please see above.

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