Appimage app launcher

Hi all
Coming from Linux Mint, I decided to seriously test Zorin OS.
First question: is there a way (like on Linux Mint) to create a launcher for an Appimage application?
If so, how to proceed?
thank you in advance and please excuse me for my English because I have to use a translator, not being English speaking

Hi Balilai,

I had to update my Inkscape version when delivering a training session to a Windows user over The only viable option for me as I did not want to use Snap or Flatpak was AppImage. The way it usually works is that you download the AppImage, Extract/run it in the folder you downloaded it to and then launch the application from there. But at the moment I am still using an older version, 1.02, and not on Zorin.

Doing so on Zorin OS Lite is very similar to how to do it on Mint.
However, I am not sure about Core... Perhaps a regular Zorin Core user can help.
Can you please say whether you are using Zorin OS Lite or Zorin OS Core?

Thank you for your answer.
I use Zorin 16 Lite on an old computer, there I know how to do it.
My problem is on my main computer with Zorin OS Core.

Have you tried while marking it as an executable?

Perhaps this can help.

  1. right click folder with app image and select "open terminal here"
  2. type in command "chmod +x nameofyourappimagehere" that makes it executable
  3. type in command " ./nameofyourappimagehere" that will run the program or just right click and select "run"

Thank you for your answers

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