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Hi. I recently downloaded the balena etcher app image. There's no problem with it. It's running quite seamlessly. However, I have to go to the folder where it resides to run it or have to be run from a terminal. Is it not possible to add it to the list of applications?

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Yes, you can. Create a desktop entry for the appimage an then place it in ~/.local/share/appliations

Open a new file in text editor and paste the following into it:

[Desktop Entry]

Name is name of the appimage. Comemnt is whatever description you want to have with it. Exec=/path/to/appimage/file
Categories - choose a category for it to appear under in the menu.

Save when done.

I don't have the app icon. Is it possible to extract it from the app image?

Maybe... but have you tried a net search for the icon?
Or is the icon already included in /usr/share/icons/hicolor?

What's the right resolution? The best fit?

That works. If it is a scalable icon, it won't matter. Otherwise go with the closest size you see in the menu.

Hey, found this article. The appimagelauncher automatically extracted the icons.

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