AppImage KDenlive 20.12.3 requires ubuntu 20.04

The latest official AppImage is no longer working under ZorinOS 15.3 (in my case)
because of the fact that kdenlive suggest to use ubuntu 20.04 if file import of mov or mp4 files is no longer possible.
If you see black and green stripes in the video preview windows instead of a usual black preview screen than the only thing that helped was to downgrade to the AppImage 20.12.2

See also this post

So it is nescessary to upgrade ZorinOS to a base of ubuntu 20.04 otherwise next KDenlive Versions will no longer work under ZorinOS.

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Zorin 16 will be based on Ubuntu 20.04.
The other day, quite by accident while researching another members issue, I found a New Zorin Stable Repo listed. This new repo contains Focal, which is Ubuntu 20.04. It also lists the level of package completion.
It is a hint, that Zorin 16 is under construction at least, but without more information, not clear on how long that construction will take. Even the completion rate is not a strong enough indicator to properly estimate the time until release.

I ran into this issue too, Kdenlive latest SNAP doesn’t work. It can’t load the preview window, claims it’s something wrong with my video drivers.

Of course I know it’s full of it, cause I’m running the latest video driver I can, the 430 driver, and it worked before, but since updates happened, broke my Kdenlive.

I was forced to install a very old 4.15 version of Kdenlive, cause that’s what’s in the old repo. But won’t matter. Soon I’ll be riding the POP OS train, and I’ll get the latest Kdenlive then, and I’ll bet it will work then.