Appindicator plugin, Annoying Bluetooth issue

Bluetooth is restarting the systray plugin

I'm having this issue after a clean installation of Zorin 17 Lite a week ago. Whenever I toggle on/off Bluetooth it restarting the systray plugin and the bluetooth icon alongside with the network icon leaves the panel for few seconds. And some times it pops up the menu "Systray plugin left the panel". And then I have to click on execute to add it to panel.

Also when I connect to a Bluetooth device this issue happens, systray plugin restars and icons left the panel for few seconds. It's really annoying.

As shown in the video, You may think I'm doing it quickly so it's causing the issue, well to keep the recording short I did it quickly toggle on/off but it doesn't matter if I do it quickly or much later this issue still happens.

I thought it could be a kernel issue so I installed linux-image-5.15.0-107-generic which was in my previous Z16 Lite installation. But surprise to me when I booted using this kernel both the bluetooth and network didn't work at all. sudo lshw -C network: showed both devices as Unclaimed. So I booted back using the current kernel and purged the 5.15.0-107-generic. When I was on Zorin 16 Lite there was no such issue. It's happening on Zorin 17 Lite.

I can't understand why Bluetooth is restarting my systray plugin. I tried to search on the web and found nothing related to this specific issue.

Help me to fix this.

Blueman Plugins
So I unckecked the Appindicator plugin of blueman and now it doesn't restart the panel's systray-plugin.

But now I have two new issue:

  1. toolpit
    When I keep my mouse cursor on the bluetooth icon the toolpit appears under the cursor and I cant see it as my panel is present at the bottom of the screen(which I generally prefer)

  2. Now when I single click on the bluetooth icon it launches blueman-manager. but I want Menu to be appear on single click.

Is there any way to change these 2 behaviours?

So I asked about this issue in blueman github page:

The problem was in Blueman version 2.2.4(outdated) which uses an Appindicator plugin to display the bluetooth icon in the panel. This plugin was replaced blueman 2.3 onwards. So I followed their instructions and installed a newer version of the blueman. Now it doesn't restart the systray-plugin.