Apple Reminders Alternative

Hi there, what would be a good apple reminders alternative for Zorin? Needs to have an app for mobile phone and be able to automatically sync.

I have no idea with Mac, but is it a calendar you're looking for?

No, it’s closer to a to do app. I’ve seen the to do app on Zorin, but can’t seem to find a mobile version of that app.

Morgen... works on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android. Syncs with Google Calendar,, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, iCloud, Nextcloud, Zoho Calendar, Fruux, Gmx and any other CalDAV provider. Integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets and Webex. It's a paid application, though.

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@Ocka FYI. Seems Ken has seen that to-do app, but does not have a matching mobile version.

Seems i made a mistake. Thank you for pointing it out.
I believe the OP & others would just say, Doh it's been noted.
But i do appreciate your time to address this issue.
Thanks kindly
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I just use (again, not open source).

If only there was a FOSS and privacy friendly alternative...

Apparently only for Android:

Mr Magoo, isn't Murena a remind app too?

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I think it is, but I've never used that functionality on it, so I can't be sure. It should be, it's got the calendar and alarms.

Thank you! After researching Murena, it’s exactly what I’m looking for! I’m surprised more open source people aren’t talking about it and /e/os…….. Is there a tablet version of /e/os?

Here's the list of officially supported devices:

And the list of tablets that /e/OS has been installed on:

A little off topic, but is there an open source alternative to Apple TV?

If you've already got an AppleTV, you can hack it to install Kodi.

If you don't, you can run it on Raspberry Pi running Linux.

I actually set up a new home construction multi-room multi-media installation in the Oakland hills using two satellite dishes, cable TV and internet fed into a media center computer running the progenitor to Kodi (XBMC). It had IR remote receivers in each room leading back to the router closet where all the magic happened, so you could switch from surfing the internet on your TV, to watching either of the satellite feeds, to watching cable, to watching any of the videos stored on the computer, to listening to the stereo, to conversing with visitors at the front door (via video/audio)... it'd automatically switch the room speakers to the selected feed. Complicated setup, but it worked well.

I'm not sure it's open source (not likely) but you have your choice of roku or sling. Depends on what you mean by alternative apple tv. Media server or streaming? Media server can be kodi or emby. Streaming is based on taste of content.

Kodi is open source, based mainly on C programming language.

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