Apple Studio Display drivers?

I’ve recently installed a fresh copy of Zorin 16 Core and it seems like the OS doesn’t know how to properly display to my Apple Studio Display. It reports it as “Unknown 27” Display”, it’s color profile is not applied or calibrated correctly, the built in speakers and the USB-C ports on the display don’t work, and the only way to get it to work is to connect another display to my HDMI port.

Is there a possible way to find or make some sort of driver that’d work with the display?

Gday @nbmusic , Welcome to the community!

Can i ask the model/year of you machine please?
imac/macbook pro/air/etc.

With the monitor plugged in, Please open "Software Updater" then click "Setting" in the bottom left.
In "software & Updates" ,
1st click the TAB "Other software", Check mark the "Canonical Parters",

Then Open the "Additional drivers" TAB.
If you see Drivers relating to your machine/monitor, please mark them.
Then click "Update".
Reboot the machine & see if your monitor works,
If not, Please open your terminal & post the results here for this:



sudo lshw -C display

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