Apple SuperDrive cd and disc writer

. I have a apple cd read how would one get one working on zorin. Since my Inspiron 7586 has no cd disc read so I found me a apple cd read supperdriver. Would like to know more about on Linux zorin

From searches I have done, I can only see questions relating to apple superdrive conected to apple computers.
However, high usb power draw by the superdrive seems a issue and you need a proper active usb adapter to operate that drive. See this:

I have no idea what you are going to do about drivers though.

Okay sweet a USB adapter easy. There a website that I found that my work not sure yet but here a link it kernel 2.0

@Steven123 What connector does superdrive have at the end of its flying lead?
(Can’t see from your photo)
All that reddit item was concerned with was usb hub adapter cannot be a passive (unpowered) hub, as that would not provide enough power.

That blog item you linked to looks promising, if the comments are true.

Let us know how you get on.

It’s is a USB 2.0 I think but it is apple product so could be usb 1.0 lolimage

sorry if’s is hard to read the did black text on black back. But that is the specs for apple super driver cd/writer

So looks from your PM that you have now got the apple superdrive connected and working on your Dell PC as a CD/DVD drive.
I see you got Zorin up as far as the “ZORIN” startup screen, then some text after 2 minutes.

  1. Is there a reason you are using CD/DVD drive instead of USB thumb drive?
  2. Are you attempting to “Try Zorin” or an install?

It is difficult to read text from a video, especially when you rotate it 90degrees. It would be far better is best to post screenshot (or photo from your phone in landscape mode) so we can all view the messages you are getting and and see if we can help you.

EDIT: I have just realised you have another post here Zorin core 15.3 the “okay” with screenshots. I am confused as your PM seemed to refer to this “superdrive” thread. Are these related or separate issues?