Apple USA laptop keyboard

how to set US EUA international -PC mapping? Because that can make accentuation correct.
control key left only
function key left only
without cedilla key

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In Settings -> Region & Languages, under Input Sources click on the + icon and choose English (US). If you click on the eye icon next to the language you can see the keyboard layout so you can choose exactly which one makes the most sense to use for you.

Note that if you have multiple languages enabled, a small indicator will appear on the system tray. You can use that to switch between languages as needed, or with the Super + Space keyboard shortcut.


Made it , but in portuguese-br accentuation and cedilla with english usa and english macintosh are NOT correct.

After trying many approaches, success !
In settings->Region & Languages, under Input Sources click on the + icon and choose English (USA International with dead keys (because it is a macbook pro 4.1 early 2008).


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