Application Autostart not working

Sorry if this is a novice question...

I am running Zorin OS 16.1 under VMware Workstation (Host OS is Windows 11 Pro), and installed qBittorrrent from the built in repositories.

I can confirm the installation went smoothly, because I can start qBittorrent from terminal with "qBittorrent".

However I cannot get it to start automatically on login, despite having added it to the "Application Autostart" list. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Likely is that the processes needed to launch qbitorrent have not yet loaded when qbittorrent tries to launch.
The simple fix is to use the sleep command in the Exec= line of the autostart file in ~/.config/autostart/ to delay the startup of the application by 20 or 30 seconds, allowing time for full initialization, first.

I tried that. But unfortunately it didn't seem do work. I tried delays of 10, 15, 20, and 30 secs. I tried running the command manually, "sleep 15;qbittorrent" and it ran successfully

Did I do anything wrong?

No, I am stumped, too.
If it successfully ran in terminal, then the command works.
When you ran it in terminal, did you need to enter your password?

In case any one stumbles on this later, the command "qbittorrent" works in Terminal, but not here for some reason. You have to use the full path: "/usr/bin/qbittorrent" to make it work

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