Application menu in plank

How can I put the application menu in the plank whisker menu or Zorin menu?

I have tried creating a launcher in desktop xfce4-popup-whiskermenu
and dragged it into plank but it did not work do you guys have any idea how to achieve this help would be appreciated

Whiskermenu and Zorin Menu Lite are both written for the XFCE4 panel. They require the panel in order to operate.
The only way of doing what you are asking is to create a transparent xfce panel and place it behind plank - then position it and the app menu to appear to be part of Plank.

I just installed Plank to test it out. I like it. Probably won't keep it... but I do like it.
Then I set about seeing if I could find a way to do what you ask... I couldn't and tried a net search and found this video tutorial:

Notice the -p added to the end of the command... That indicates that the menu will open at the cursor Pointer, not the panel button.
So, xfce4 panel must be running, with Whiskermenu added to it and the icon set to transparent. The XFCE4 panel must be set to transparent and set behind the Plank dock.

The video does not tell you any of this - which I consider Deceptive and misleading.

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