Application with password

hello good evening family of Zorin you; Zorin will have a way to lock application with password, example, chromer, mozila, etc.

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There is no simple way of doing so. Some applications can be installed to Root instead of home, requiring a root password to initialize them.
Some browsers have add-on extensions to give password protection.
Some applications that store files (like a Screen Recorder); you can encrypt the output file to prevent unauthorized access.

The Simplest method is to Lock your Computer User account. If another person must use your computer, you can create a User Account for them, separate from your own.

My own method is the simplest of them all: My computer and my phone are Open. My phone has no lock enabled and my family and son know my root/computer and email passwords. If anything happens to me, they can handle my affairs. Sadly, this means I do not know much about the finer details of home computer security- but I can tell you that if Google searching the issue, you will need to dig deep.


Thank you very much for the information, I am going to do what a user account just told me.

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info very god

Im interested in this topic. Have you built a solution yet? I was thinking of making a shell but it is hard to construct that for every program I want to lock... The goal is for those apps to open when that password is entered just as a second layer of security for important things.