Applications are always opened to external screen

When I have an external screen connect to my laptop running with Zorin OS 16, and when I start an application, almost every application is opened to the external screen.

How do I manage which application is default opened to the built-in screen or the external connected screen ?

On my Zorin 16 Pro, the application remember the last monitor where it was opened.

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Well, I prefer that applications are always opened at the built-in display, no matter which display it was opened last time.

So, how can I reach that requirement?

I am afraid I do not have a solution for your question.
I hope other volunteers on this forum could help you.

i have been spoiled by KDE's settings I remember u can set applications to open in a speciffic size, remember size, location, monitor, .etc

I'm can look into it to see can I find a solution.

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