Applications ending when I use "Log Out" from the taskbar

Is it normal to have the applications shut down when you Log Out?
Right now I'm only using internet - only logged in to the Zorin Forum - but when I Log Out,using the taskbar with the option to log out of the Zorin OS my apps gets shut down and I have to log in to internet all over again is this normal?

And there is a difference, because when I Log Out by using the Windows key + L, this doesn't occur and I can still use my application(s) which were active before I logged out.

Logging out through taskbar and loging out through win + L feels different.

Yes, logging out ends the session. In Zorin Lite (XFCE) you can check the box to Save Session on logout.

In Zorin Core (Gnome), I believe you must set up hibernation in order to save the session on logout.

This shortcut is "Lock Screen", not "Logout."

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So that's why the login screen is different.

Thank you, that makes a difference to know.
But how do I fix the settings for Gnome to hibernation as u mentioned? There is no option under the Power section.

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Yep, I was wondering the same thing, seeing a different blurry wallpaper, but now we know.

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Hibernation is a little more advanced and not enabled by default on most distros. I am actually not sure why this is... It's one of my own reasons for preferring XFCE.
To start, you must set up a Swap partition on your hard drive first.

Then set up hibernation:

The first reply is the one you want. If you scroll down, you will see a reply that says you can use swap file and do not need a swap partition. Do Not Trust This.
A swap file can work for a while, but it runs High Risk of corrupting and creating conflicts and bugs that can crash your system and cause irrecoverable data loss.
It Is Not Worth It.

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My first post on this forum was about the "swapfile" that's created on my root after installing Zorin16, because I don't make use of a swap partition. The overall reaction to my question was that is all normal and save to have a swap file installed.

Reading the above you mention. Does it mean that this confirms my question about the safety risk of having or using an swapfile instead of a swap partition.

No, it does not.

Swap file is perfectly safe and normal and even preferred because it allows direct access to adjust or change the swap file as needed.

However, if enabling hibernation, then you need a Separate Swap Partition from which to access even if the partition containing your Session is logged out.

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Sorry, I'm a bit confused if you're saying the the swap file is safe then what does this say?

The full quote with Context ^
If you click the Link I provided, and if you scroll down to another answer below the one I recommend, it says ( I am quoting someone elses response From that link here:)

The top answer works well, but you don't have to use a partition, you can also use a default /swapfile.

I said - Do Not Trust This.

Using a swap file instead of a Swap Partition When Using Hibernation , this will pose a higher risk of data loss.

From your aforementioned thread:

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That's clear. I guess you have a swap partition even though you can alter this using XFCE.

For me that's out of the question because I have partitioned my drive (500GB) in 4 partitions already, that's the maximum according to Gparted. Which I use for booting different operating systems. I'm used to triple -or quad booting.

So I will have to live with the fact that lacking the use of a swap partition means, when I "Log Out" all my applications gets shut down instead of hibernate. My bad of using only a swapfile.

Once a again thanks for the reaction and the extra information.

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I do not have a swap partition because I do not use Hibernate. XFCE handles saving your session in an entirely different way than Hibernate does.

I try to reduce the partitions I use as much as possible and the only reason to really need a swap partition is if using Hibernate.

Are you in Legacy boot or MBR? MBR is limited to four Bootable partitions.
If using EFI with GPT, you can create more partitions.

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I'm in MBR. Just like to keep it clear.
So that's one of the advantages - handeling the saving session in a different way - of using XFCE i guess.

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I took a look around to see if I could find anything that may help you. I have never used this gnome-extensions so cannot vouch for its performance:

The reviews are varied and a user complained it did not work on Ubuntu 18.04 whereas Zorin OS 16 is based on 20.04. The problem with Gnome-Extensions - and gnome dumping off Gnome Issues onto them, is that they are indie and may be dropped or abandoned without warning.
But it may be a pointer in the right direction...

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Tried it, followed the instruction but it doesn't show in tweak extensions so ... But I assume it's for extention 3.38.4 and I/we use extention 3.38.8.

I had a few extensions on 18.04 that became useless because of difference in gnome-shell version since using 20.04.

No sweat, I can still use the screen lock option - while hybernating my apps - which acts the same wary as Log Out when using a swap partition.


Yes, I think "Sleep" saves session, as well.
But neither sleep nor hibernate are set as default.
I have not looked into enabling Sleep on the distro...

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