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Apps fail or slow to open

Check this post and the one immediately following it All Settings icon shows Power Manager - #4 by dasjdoom
to see if either of those methods help you create a Favorite.

Unfortunately, I have only learned the method I just walked you through. Maybe these others work for you.

OK thanks, I will look at this in the morning. It is late here. Merry Christmas!

Extending that analogy, Lite should allow your computer to take on more before it falls over :upside_down_face:

Have you gone into Zorin Mouse/Touchpad settings and checked right click function is available and working.

I finally did get the 'pinning' to work. It popped up if I use two fingers vs one on the right side of my touchpad. I knew it was something dumb. The Touchpad tracking and clicking does seem a bit off. I guess i will play with the settings. Another question I have is how to set a password request when starting the machine? When I installed Zorin a remember saying it wasn't required but now I would like to reset that and can't find where.

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