Apps Suggestions for Noise Reduction

Hello there,
I am migrating from Windows to Zorin as my main work OS. I would like to know if anyone have a suggestion for audio and voice apps to use in my meetings.

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I believe that most of the audio and voice apps you normally use has a native Linux version. If not, you could just run them using WINE (which stands for Wine is Not an Emulator).

Hope I'm not too confusing.

Oh, and this should really be put into #general-help.


Something like Jami, WhatSie - WhatsApp for Linux and TamTam? By the way, I found them simply searching audio and voice apps on Software Center but I don't know if you can connect to your colleagues if they have another app. Otherwise probably you can all use an online chat service. I also tried searching noise reduction on Synaptic Package Manager and I found some.

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Whatsie it is working properly?

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