Apt autoremove asks me to remove ucodes

I installed the liquorix kernel and I like it, so I removed the 5.13 kernel.
Now autoremove asks me to remove this packages, can I remove them?
(@Aravisian ?)

Yes, you can safely remove them as the 5.17 kernel from Liquorix includes these in the kernel.
However, if any user distrusts autoremove, then they can very easily add any application to "manually installed". This will prevent autoremove from trying to remove them as autoremove only removes automatically installed files and software.
The simplest is to try to install it. Let's use thermald as an example. Autoremove suggests removing it, but you would prefer to hang onto it.

sudo apt install thermald

The terminal will say that it is already installed and the latest version. It will then also say that it is set to Manually Installed.


Aravisian, this is a nice and informative(is it a word?) post. I marked that as a solution, gave you a like and bookmarked the post

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