Are language-specific topics possible?

Although English is used mostly in this forum, not all users understand English. Would it be acceptable to create language-specific topics for them?

Does this forum have translation capabilities? That'd be pretty sweet, although I suppose I could get by using a translation website.

Words is words... doesn't matter the language, it matters the ideas being exchanged.

There are other language forums that are separate.
Users here can use a preferred translator, like Yandex, as well.


Hmm, I don't have the personality for running a forum. :exploding_head: Translators can provide accurate translations between European languages, but it is still difficult for other languages.

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As I have stated elsewhere that GNU/Linux itself needs volunteers to translate the machinations of the OS; that is why you will see some menu items of applications only in English because Application projects don't have the resources/volunteers to contribute.

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