Are there Android Emulators for Zorin?

I wanted to play the mobile version of PUBG because it is free on my Zorin Laptop. Don't know how to run an emulator on Zorin, Can Anyone Help?

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You can Try PUBG PC now, the developers made it free.

Also, For the Emulator Problem


You are Right Thank you for the Info :crazy_face:
Also I Downloaded GenyMotion for the Mobile Version :smile:

Also Can you Suggest me Some Music Players?

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What is the best emulator for Zorin and app store google?

Blue Stacks (Windows), Bliss OS, GenyMotion (Linux).

I am on linux which will be best option for linux. Bluestack i have some experience on windows. What about Anbox for me emulator is for some app what not working on linux - not for gaming. Some simple emulator what can recognize microphone and audio output.

I remember one android OS Remix OS - Download
This propably can working but how install that in linux?
Installing Remix OS on HDD using Ubuntu (Linux OS) this guide will working?