Are there window managers better than xfwm4 in xfce?

I need to have a window manager that has more features like auto tiling, Are there window managers better than xfwm4? and how can I replace xfwm4?

XFWM4 is a pretty full-featured window manager.

I know that the Cinnamon Desktop with metacity-3 does auto-tiling quite well, by default, even.

Some prefer i3 window manager- which integrates well on XFCE (Zorin Lite) but is troublesome (and can be dangerously troublesome) on Gnome (Zorin Core.)
Using i3 on Zorin Lite is easy to install and configure, but will also mean you will lose some of the features that XFWM4 boasts.

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I agree with u xfwm4 is the best, I tried i3 , but it's not familiar to me, I like xfwm4, and tiling in it with a mouse or keypad is easy. and I can use any apps in it to do auto tiling like zentile ,xpytile or xtile as discussed before in a topic here. Thank u and Thank the community here, U make me love Linux

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