Are workarounds just normal in linux?

From my own experience and from everything I read on the forum it seems like sooo many people don't have a fully functional computer and need to use workarounds for things.

For example:
-My laptop has no sound. Not zorin's fault, I had faulty drivers in windows too and constantly had to use HP troubleshooters to repair the drivers. This functionality doesn't exist in zorin, though, so my workaround is connecting to a bluetooth speaker any time I want audio

-Screen brightness adjustment doesnt work, so I had to download an app from the store when I want to dim my screen at night

-Printer doesn't work anymore. This did work in windows but not in any of the linux distros I've tried. I have to send docs to my girlfriend when I want something printed.

Are there people out there that don't have any issues at all? Where are these unicorns?? I demand they show themselves

Yes. The vast Majority of users. Which is why, at well over 1 million Downloads, Zorin Forum is not handling hundreds of thousands of help requests each day or week.


I'm sympathetic with your pain. Don't give up so fast. I've been using windows, mac Os and Linux for a long time and there are pros and cons in all systems. Peripherals have been challenging in Linux, better in some distros than others, but even so challenging, reason why I keep most of those in a mac. Most of the end-users hardware has been built for other Oses than linux, unless you get Ubuntu certified hardware, to run Zorin smoothly without any issues. So, the answer to your question is most of the times yes, in case you didnt do some pre-sales analysis on what is supported in Linux. That's the reason why relying in such a great community, like this forum is so great. All these guys can make your life easier in the transition to Linux, learn in the process and become a power user down the line. :slight_smile:


The only issue i had was sound, my sound came out the subwoofer and the left and right speaker was off. Simple fix with alsamixer. Everything else you listed works just fine here. Even my ps4 controller gets reconized with bluetooth. In windows i needed a program ds4windows that emulated the xbox360 controller. The built in bluetooth device in my laptop was not good enough in windows for my controller so i had to buy a usb bluetooth stick (always had low signal). In linux the built in bluetooth works perfectly fine.

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Hi, I am new on this forum, I am using 16pro and core, on different machines. I do not have any issues (yet, I guess). A few things that are not really important but like to change in the near future. But these are minor. Everything worked right out of the box, me issa Happy camper :grin: I use an Hp sleekbook with 4gig ram and an old Lenovo laptop with 8gig.
I have one question though but that will be a new topic.



Hello jarjar binks :wave:t2:, welcome to the forum :grin:


A Gungun has entered the forum.

Thats not just any Gungun, thats Jar Jar Binx!

"Miss Me?" "Me issa back"

"No no, not this time Jar Jar your in big poodoo this time."

"What did you do Jar Jar?"

"Hmm, me issa sorta lost all the Zorin code in the trash, I thought it was on TOP, but the DE went POP, System D went Blop, and Xserver went FLOP."

"Ohhhhh, I see how that could be a problem" "Fortunate for you, I have the undoo code." And it goes like this...

Welcome Kees to Zorin OS 16! :grin:


the undoo code? ctrl Z (cmd Z) ?

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Yes ctrl z can undo, same as in windows.


@LazyBucket Hello. About unicorns. My friend bought a
The best on package was wrote working with all type a computers. Where is the tricky and sneaky tips?
Not working with all games. So the same in the world if something created in the world this is not always like a lego parts where all parts working together. Why? I don't know.

Present and accounted for !! None, Zero, Never with the 16 Pro need I say more ?

Yes well ** " Kind Of " ** .... many are leaving M$ because of limits of " being creative " And That is what makes " USERS" different from Windows and Apple users.

Always for many of Linux users is adjusting / tweaking finding that niche area. Others it is a few here and next month a little too. And not forget those just wanting to use a very good computer that isn't state of art. So we do nothing after learning something new in knowledge and adjusting your system to work ( kind of like that new thing that was out in 1995 called Windows ) ...but enjoy being away from those past products and doing the "same ole thing with something new and better"

Linux isn't for "everyone" but it is available to "everyone !!

Edit : yeah I revived the Dead...... sue me :upside_down_face:


Amazing line..


Linux open your eyes to freedom when windows closed your eyes to spying you. That why you can choice in linux when in windows you don't have any choice with closed operating system.

The question in the title was already shown to be flawed given the vast majority of users. However, the statement can be rephrased to: "Workarounds are normal for the small subset of total users that ask for help on the forum."
In contrast, "No solutions" are normal for those that post on the MS forums since I rarely see resolutions on those. Workaround vs No solutions - take your pick.

As a parting gift, while I find surveys questionable, they do produce some food for thought:

  1. This one says most MS users love it.
  2. But this one says most MS users loved switching out of it.

Ignorance is bliss?

That said, I strongly believe in freedom of choice. If anyone is unhappy with Linux I would applaud their switching back to Windows.

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I run Zorin on a desktop pc, Mint on a laptop and have previously used Ubuntu for the best part of a decade on laptops/desktops and the only workaround of any kind that I had to implement has been when installing linux alongside Windows and I've had to create an EFI file in the BIOS to enable a laptop to boot to the grub menu.

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