Are you happy with Zorin OS?


My only concern is that Debian's release cycle is a lot longer. Debian 12 is awesome, but Debian 11's kernel and package versions were so old. Or some newer programs or packages weren't even in the repos. That is my only issue. Other than that, I'd really welcome Zorin switching to a Debian base. Maybe they can provide tools to make Debian backports easily available like MX Linux do. Or something like that.

The only thing I do like about Ubuntu are their performance improvements for gnome. No idea, whether Zorin takes them over or modifies gnome from scratch.

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Have Zorin on both my older Dells, Runs lighter and smoother than Modicia on both, app installs are a snap - lol - and the machines are both averaging 10 to 15 degrees cooler in Cel. En joy how light yet full featured it is without the glitches I have found in other systems including Ubuntu and LM. This newer version is practically flawless, except now trying to bring in to a modern device via a dual boot system and no luck so far.

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The release cycle between stable releases is roughly 2 years:

But I agree that this shouldn't be a rushed decision as it's probably a lot more work than it appears. It may be easier to reach out to another established distribution such as MX Linux and try to work out some collaboration to bring the two together, I don't know.

Dual boot as always been kinda difficult for me since Windows 10 came along. At one point I decided that I'd rather use a virtual machine for those programs that I still didn't have suitable replacements in Linux for. If you can I'd recommend this approach (making the necessary backups of your current Windows installation, etc).


Was Happy Yesterday.
Am happy Today.
Will be Happy Tomorrow.

Just call it the Zorin Way of Life. It's become very routine.


I agree as I use Zorin 16 Pro with a Cinnamon DE ...... so I guess it isn't a pure Zorin 16 Pro using Gnome DE ..... however I do have Zorin 16 Pro with Gnome and Zorin 16 Pro with XFCE DE installed but don't really use them .....

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@Frog I have mint updated to the 21.2 but i don't seeing drastic changes. Little cosmetics. In this situation Zorin is propably better. About privacy on linux and telemetry. Doesn't exist operating system or software what not collect your privacy data.

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This is untrue...

Zorin would not install a deb file (keyboard) I had. It said pending.... then I read on the forum that it was b/c I was not connected to the internet. Then I read how often Zorin connects to the internet. I need to control when and why I am online. Zorin appears from posts on the forum to not allow that. Like the poster said in the forum, this is totally unacceptable.

Supposedly ( someone ) Zorin was going to get back to the poster about this issue, but never did.

I did buy the Pro right off assuming it would be a customer focused distro owing to my having bought it. This is a huge issue for dev's machines. They cannot be connected to the internet. Google is finally disconnecting its devs from the internet and we did the same some time ago.

Security and privacy issues are enough to warrant wanting to be in control of when and why your computer connects to the internet, but another issue is this- when you require (for no reason) that my machine connect to the internet to install a .deb I downloaded, you are forcing me to load software which I may not want, specifically, the most recent version, which is often borken, full of bugs or corrupted in some way which affects not only that program but others on my machine.

The only hope anyone has of having a stable reliable machine is to get it into that state with some combination of software versions then stop changing those versions. If one thing changes, the incompatibility issues or bugs in that one change can make your machine unusable. it's not theoretical, it happens all the time. If you need to get work done with a tool, if that's what your machine represents to you, then don't take updates and get it off the internet.

For example,I've had Zorin on my machine for 90 minutes. Since it forced me to connect to the internet to install my keyboard, I have no idea what version of my kb driver is being used. Did it go to my kb manufacturer and get the 'atest version? I have no idea. It's now possible. I am sure I could find out what version of the sw I am running, but that's presumes the kb manufacturer didn't slip a "bug fix" into a release without updating the release number. Is that bad practice? Yes, but so what? People do such things in the world. Is it not your fault? Sure, fine, it's not your fault. But it is because of your decisions that I have no control over when my machine goes online and does what. I now have to factor into my troubleshooting that the driver I have is not the driver installed.

What I have control over is limited to my ability to gate my machine. Once that is taken away from me, innumerable other variables can be introduced to any problem I have and it makes reasoning your way to a solution a nightmare and , at core, nearly impossible.

The real world result right, now for me, on this issue, is my keyboard lighting / software stopped working. This is a material issue with me not an aesthetic one.

Here's the bottom line. Software, including Linux, is far more complex and complicated than even its devs realize. Every time they change something, they break something else. They don't like to think of things this way because it implies they don't know what they're doing somehow, but it's not that. It's that their mental model of what they're doing is far far less complex than the actual reality they're interacting with. Literally, they don't know (everything) they're doing and they can't. They only find out when someone tells them what they've done. We call these "bug reports" . That works well enough in the long run (with a special emphasis on "long run"), but in the short run it means lost days of work as the recipients of their mistakes struggle to work around them. You're forcing me to take on those mistakes by forcing me to take updates and connect to the internet to install software.

This is not working for me (literally) for no reason other than someone's bug got shoved down my throat when I had a known-to-be-good .deb already downloaded.

At the bottom, this is about control. For whatever reason, OS writers / branchers want to literally force their users to be online and take updates, even when those updates waste the user's time adn being online puts them at risk.

It's so obvious that it's the wrong thing to do to your customers, yet they keep on doing it because, well, because they can and it serves some unknown need for them.

So this ends this experiment with paying to be a better linux at least for me.

Here is the forum thread I found:


Please see here:

That being said, I do think there are some misunderstandings.

I can connect and disconnect totally at will on Zorin OS Lite. I am not sure if Zorin Core is different in this regard with the Gnome Desktop or not - but I would think it would be just as easy as it is on Lite. On Lite, I click the NM-applet on the panel and either disconnect or connect.

If you download a .deb package and install it, Zorin OS will not force you to connect to the net, force you to install an upgrade for that .deb or download/install without you knowing or giving permission.
This does not happen. It will only install the .deb package.
Now, if that .deb package is missing dependencies - it will offer to install the missing dependencies from the server - but can only do so with your authorization.

Zorin OS is incapable of searching independent manufacturers for drivers. In fact, here on this forum, we commonly must walk users through manual installation of needed drivers.
If you downloaded and installed anything to get peripheral hardware device drivers - it would be the Kernel.

This borders on paranoid. While possible; it is unlikely. Any developer worth his salt wants to be able to retrace his steps not out of the goodness of his or her heart - but to save themselves a major headache.
Either way - Zorin OS is not accessing independent developers works - Period. So even if an indie dev did do such a thing, it can only make it onto your machine if you authorize the upgrade with known commands.

I use OpenRGB for my keyboard, fan lights, mouse, etc. It is reliable and solid. I have never had any issues.

Again, Zorin OS does not have access to .deb packages you download and install. In fact, this is a chief complaint among Discord users who have to manually upgrade the package each time an upgrade is released.
What you can set to Automatic download/upgrade are the Security Fixes.


I'm absolutely happy with my Zorin OS 16 Core!
I used to distrohop several times per a week but now I just won't change Zorin OS to any other distro.

BTW, did you hear that Zorin OS 16.3 is already available? I recently upgraded Zorin OS 16.2 Core to Zorin OS 16.3 in the Software Updater.


I'll update it! Nice username haha

Thanks for that info ..... I did a ....... sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade ...... in the terminal and got ver. 16.3 .....

Interesting, as Zorin website still shows Z16.2 as latest download.
Maybe they are testing how Z16.3 runs as upgrade, before release as .iso download to new users.

Considering the large number of updates to the Upgrader Tool we have seen, I suspect they have been pretty occupied. Not to mention also handling all Pro Installation queries.

We can be sure the website will be updated with due diligence.

Software you install is not on the Zorin developers. If the software devs attempt to make things easier on users by automatically checking for updates on install or ensuring dependencies exist so the application functions, that is on them to fix for those that are internet restricted.

May i suggest disabling wifi or networking while you do not wish to have internet access. This is on the user to enable/disable per their needs. M$, Ubuntu, Mac OS, Fedora, Red Hat, MX and all other OSs would require this. While it may be normal in your area, it is not a policy world wide. Expecting developers to adhere to your areas internet access restrictions is unreasonable. Most of the world does not have such restriction.

Be reasonable in your expectations of OS consideration of your needs. You are accountable for your use and minding your restrictions.


Yes, to be specific, with the Lite version.

I remember mostly I have good experience with Zorin. Talking about when i moved from windows like a noob user. Very Simple,customization, many software and tools on pro. Very good support assistance. Very good for people who are new in Linux. Good for learning any type desktop. I can advice Zorin on the beginning journey with Linux. Very good fork Ubuntu with packages .deb flatpak and snap. Tester on gaming pc and laptop also office pc.

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I enjoy Zorin much more than Windows as a system, and the house now holds 5 newish (less than a year old) pc's now dual booting with Zorin, and 3 old laptops totally just running Zorin. I couldn't be happier. 16.3 is a much smoother install, and I look forward to the 17 series to come. The new pc's are Acer basic notebook, Asus Zenbook 14, Lenovo Yoga 16, and 2 Beelink mini units - both pro versions - though one is basic, while the other a high mid-grade (i5-10/12). The old laptops - 3 old dell 17". A pretty diverse group altogether. Keep up the great work guys! Loving it!


Debian and Ubuntu always leap frog each other as they release their versions. Right now Debian is fresh and new - the best thing ever. Soon Fedora will be the best thing ever. Then Ubuntu's next LTS release next year in April only about 7-8 months away - the best ever or the interim release in about 1 month. Rinse and repeat. Eventually, they get about 2+ years old. Zorin is different in that they sort of take a Red Hat approach to releasing on an old base. Even though their base ages rapidly, Zorin works great with some new software available via their own PPAs.

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I have a question if I have a newer pc what kind Zorin desktop enviroment will be better Zorin Lite Pro or Zorin Pro with Gnome?
I liked a simple desktop but with all details example open,close on taskbar.
Of course i can used some customization.
What I remember not all desktop enviroment are compatibility with - i mean xfce and gnome when i started a customization.
What websides or some channel are you adviced with customization?