Are you like me and Trying to Learn Linux?

I am new to Linux and have benefited greatly from the help and patience of the Forum moderators. But I am trying to learn more and become more self-sufficient. Maybe even return the favor and help others someday.

Last night I stumbled upon this website that has a lot of articles that I am finding helpful as a newbie to Linux. Maybe you will find the site useful too. The url I am sharing is for a page on Learning Linux. The drop-down on that page will route you to many other areas.


Here's another fine resource you may want to check out for learning Linux basics: BEGINNER'S GUIDE FOR LINUX - Start Learning Linux in Minutes

I discovered Linux back in 2001 and have never looked back. It's been so much fun and very empowering, learning all the things a person can do with this operating system.


For me it was about around the beginning of 2019. But the sentiment is the same, I feel like I missed out on when there was more user control.

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Yes, once you get comfortable using the command line, it's difficult sometimes having to deal with a cumbersome GUI to slow you down. :wink:

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When I left Windows, I had only ever used the cmd prompt for ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew.
For the beginning, I spent much of my time complaining about a Lack of GUI ability for many functions.
I began to really realize the difference when I willingly gave the terminal a chance. As I entered in commands in quick succession, completing tasks in a couple of seconds, I realize how cumbersome the GUI can be. Almost any GUI I use, I spend a lot of time just looking for the right button to push.
Using a GUI takes me ten times longer. And since a GUI application is not enabled with all the possible commands of the terminal, then I often end up reverting to the terminal for the raw power, anyway.

I like GUI apps - I theme them, even. But I personally think being adept at both is far more productive than in trying to demand a GUI for all apps, just because it is what a person is used to. As Zorin OS is geared toward welcoming Windows refugees, I really believe that Zorin OS should aim to teach the terminal as much as possible rather than only meet the demand for GUI functionality in all things. (I do not think Zorin OS does just try to meet demand... But I wonder sometimes if it would if it could.)

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@davidb_sk Thank you for sharing another resource. I look forward to attacking it.

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You're most welcome! I hope you find it useful.

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