As Gnome is working towards desktop convergeance, will it mean we will get zorin mobile eventually?

I've noticed. And I choose to not use it.
Sadly, Gnome is in control of GTK and has opted to use that to its leverage by altering GTK4 to force all users into Gnomes "Vision."

Gnome is the Linux Microsoft. Controlling and Forceful.
Also, I would term Gnome as currently partially-convergent.

Zorin is gnome and is as well convergeant

Zorin is not Gnome.
Zorin Core offers Gnome Desktop.
Zorin Lite offers XFCE desktop.

I use Zorin OS, I do not use Gnome Desktop.

Yes, and if we all wait patiently, Zorin Os 16 LITE will be released, providing the new world of LITE computing, brought to you by Zorin bro's, provided for, by our generous donations, for your computing pleasure.

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I'm just saying that as you are using ZorinOS it uses a modified version of the gnome desktop which means you are using a convergeant desktop right now as you type your message.

No, I am not.

I am using XFCE.

Oooh, you are using the lite version! lol

Actually... I am on Zorin OS 16, but I Installed my Preferred Desktop rather than waiting on the Official release.

I also routinely install Cinnamon as I sometimes cannot decide which of the two desktops I prefer. Cinnamon runs very smoothly on Zorin OS.

All this aside;

ZorinGroup has suggested that they have been working on an ARM64 version of Zorin OS. Whether these plans have been altered in recent times or not, is currently unknown.
Also, where it stands on priority is unknown. The Direct Upgrade option seems to be at the Top of the List considering User Demand.

I also once installed Zorin OS Lite on my Samsung Galaxy (S6, I think) Phone. There are pictures around here on the forum somewhere. This was purely an experiment to see if I could... I do not use it very often because... you know... very tiny screen... It is a Phone...

I second this as well. Considering we have it on POP OS, I think its only fair that Zorin OS has it as well. So I would prefer that the Zorin team focus their efforts on that if they can. We've had literally what 50 requests this year alone for that feature from newcomers already.

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Off Topic: (And we can move this to a new thread)
But the Ubuntu Direct Upgrade takes about Four hours. And you must sit and watch it because it quizzes you along the way.

Does the POP_OS version take as long?

Instlaling Zorin OS takes about 30 minutes.

Regarding POP OS direct upgrade Absolutely not!

When I last used it, to upgrade from POP OS 20.10 to 21.04, the upgrade seemed to only take about 30-minutes as well. I don't remember it taking forever like that.

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It seems as well that ARM is a logical path forward for mobile too, although I wish it was Risc V that was the focus, but oh well. :pensive:

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@Aravisian As you escaped Windows pre Win10, you missed out on feature updates, which take all night. Then more to fix the resulting mess. So I consider ZorinOS 15.3 to 16 Direct Upgrade would not be a major hardship to Win10 refugees that have landed here.
I do however appreciate that, backup /home, install Z16, re-configure apps and restore /home may take less time for some and end up with a fresh smelling system installation at the end.

EDIT: Consider it wise to monitor Win10 feature update to avoid this: I've finally moved to Zorin OS for good but I have a few questions if someone can help - #35 by StarTreker


Yes, just like picking out space heaters. Seriously, I am not joking!

I made a post about me getting a new space heater in my command center thread. Well, little did I know that many popular well known established brands, started making garbage years later.

Its that typical company think of bait and switch to try and make more money. I discovered on many of the brands, people uploaded pictures showing melted plugs, burnt out outlets, the space heaters literally caught them on fire!

So I guess the new SOP now is, find what doesn't have pics of burnt out plugs and outlets that caught on fire due to bad space heaters, and you pick that one. I couldn't believe it, still can't.

But the quality of manufacturing have gone so far down hill, I think were going to need government intervention to put a stop to it. Much like how the EU is fed up with companies not following connection standards, and are now forcing them to use USB C or else.

We need our government to put a stop to these companies getting away with burning people's houses down, or nearly burning them down. I literally had to buy from a brand I never heard of, simply cause it was geting 4 to 5 star reviews with no pictures of burned out plugs or outlets.

Holy shizzle! They've just announced the pinephone pro! This is a good oppertunity for zorin arm / zorin mobile!

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I would love to try one of those out...

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Fo shizzle lizzle! Aravisian is gonna buy a new phone, he gonna test it out, and tell us what its like. And if it fails his test, its getting scrapped to the back of a pickup truck to be used for a rear view camera. If it passed the test, it will have Zorin OS on it, and it will be pushed to the max for science!

Probably not. I cannot throw $400 Plus at a test phone.:expressionless:

Neither could I! I paid like 120 dollars for my current phone, and when I was looked at current prices for a new phone, I was like, nope tech shortage aint gonna make me pay 200 dollars or more for a phone, they can keep it!

My phone still works, its just that sometimes it gets slow, and has to think about it. And the screen is scratched. So just waiting for this dang tech shortage to be over and get the prices dropped down to more reasonable amounts.

IDK, it's a pretty cheap device and it's pretty fun to try the different kinds of software and follow as the ecosystem grows. The state of mobile linux is at it's most interesting as it's in th state where cool things happens but we don't know what direction things might go.