ASUS USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB-Adapter

I saw that this bluetooth adapter was compatible with Zorin OS but i have no idea how to install the drivers to get it to work. I m using latest Zorin OS Pro. I found this tutorial ASUS USB-BT500 Driver Zorin OS Installation • but when i click on installation guide i get to How to Install Rtl8761B Bluetooth Driver on Ubuntu GNU/Linux Distro •

Dont know if its the same guide anymore? There are alot of different versions and distros i guess. I dont know wich one to choose. I found the driver here but i have no idea how to install it. Lets say i unpacked it in downloads. What then?

I would use the provided newer driver:

bsdtar -xzf

cd 20200806_LINUX_BT_DRIVER_RTL8761B_COEX_v0202

sudo make install INTERFACE=usb

^Should work... If not, just use sudo make install

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@ [Aravisian]

Ok lets take it step by step. I opened a terminal window and pasted

It downloaded the driver to my downloads. When i paste bsdtar -xzf i get
Command 'bsdtar' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install libarchive-tools

You can just Right Click the file in your Downloads and click "Extract here".

Yes i have extracted all files in my download folder. How do i install it from that place? There isnt any installer in the folder there are just four folders and four files.

cd /Downloads/20200806_LINUX_BT_DRIVER_RTL8761B_COEX_v0202

sudo make install INTERFACE=usb

Hmm dont know if i m doing something wrong. Downloads is translated to "Hämtningar" in swedish. I clicked on the Z button and typed Terminal. I then typed cd /Hämtningar/20200806_LINUX_BT_DRIVER_RTL8761B_COEX_v0202 but i get "No such file or directory".

This is the path for me using Filemanager:

Thanks for the help.

No... I typoed, sorry...
It should have had the Home Shortcut using tilde in front.

This will work, too.

cd ~/Downloads/20200806_LINUX_BT_DRIVER_RTL8761B_COEX_v0202/20200806_LINUX_BT_DRIVER_RTL8761B_COEX_v0202


cd ~/Hämtningar/20200806_LINUX_BT_DRIVER_RTL8761B_COEX_v0202/20200806_LINUX_BT_DRIVER_RTL8761B_COEX_v0202

Yes i managed to install it but now bluetooth is disconnected. I tried to start it again but no devices are visible. It doesnt want to start bluetooth at all.

Are you saying that there is no change after installing?

No bluetooth doesnt work at all. I see no devices. I had a speaker that was working with bluetooth but its gone now.

Ok so bluetooth was working, but now is not after installing the driver. Did you reboot?
If bluetooth was working before, what were you trying to correct by applying the new driver?

I wanted to use a usb bluetooth adapter that could find a bluetooth keyboard that i have.

Ok - it was working partially before, but did not see a device - but now is not working at all on any device?

No it doesnt work at all now. I removed the usb bluetooth device and restarted to see if it started again.

You can try removing the recently installed driver by cd'ing into that same directory and running:

sudo make remove INTERFACE=usb

I wanted to connect this keyboard using bluetooth Logitech K810. Maybe its not compatible at all.

I just get "COEX_v0202$ sudo make remove INTERFACE=usb
make: *** No rule to make target 'remove'. Stop.". Do you use Teamviewer?

This can happen if the driver developer does not include a Make parameter for removal. I was afraid that may happen.

Let me download and look over the file - and I can help walk you through a removal.

Then we can examine the keyboard.

Ok thank you for all help. Totally new to this.