ASUS Zenbook - Space Edition - FN keys not working

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a Linux distri which fits my needs and I found Zorin OS. Downloaded, packed onto a USB stick to test and e voilà - Here I am :slight_smile:

Zorin OS is quite appealing but the following things could be 'show stoppers':

  • Not all of the FN keys are working especially the MIC Mute/Unmute (F9) and the camera shutter (F10)
  • Fingerprint reader (ElanTech) is shown but does not really work. After I try to scan my fingerprint there is a message that the device is alrdy claimed by another process?!
  • The 'special' touchpad is not working (numpad on the touchpad)
  • Sound is not working

That's it for the first glance. Any way to tackle the above mentioned topics?

Have a big thanks.

It can be helpful to separate your issues into individual threads. This way, any solution for that issue can be marked and be helpful to other members searching the forum.
Can you please make a new thread for the Sound Issue and for the Fingerprint reader?
I am not sure what you mean by the "Special touchpad" - this may also be a separate issue.

This first thread can focus on the FN keys.

Commonly this can be resolved by adding the grub parameter acpi_osi=Linux.

Please be sure to run sudo update-grub after making changes to the grub file.

Hey Aravision,

thanks for that fast answer. I will create separate threads as you said - Will do this tomorrow.
About the FN key problem: Thanks for your help - But this will work only on an installed one and not with the live USB?

It can work with Live USB if you set the LiveUSB to "Persistence".

I must ask, though... have you tested any of these on an Installed Version of Zorin OS? The LiveUSB relies on generic drivers and while it is good for a preliminary view or trial, it may not be able to employ the proper drivers in its uninstalled state.

I have made a tutorial about this in the Tutorials & Guides category. This may be because the laptop is newer, so would need a newer kernel for most of the functions to work properly. It is also necessary to check whether all of your hardware has drivers and is claimed. Without this, some of the keys will not function as they are supposed to.

This may be of some help if you want to tackle getting screen brightness to work.

The same can be done for each of the keys, with modifications to the script, or try a newer kernel.

You can also try using and installing acpi-support from apt (sudo apt install -y acpi-support). This "may" resolve your issue without any modification of scripts.

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Hi all,

sorry for my late answer. Just wanted to give a headsup. Installed Zorin OS in the meantime but the 'problems' are still there.
FN Key for the mic and the camera shutter are not working.

  1. acpi-support was installed per default
  2. Added the above mentioned line to the grub config -> No changes

acpi listen states the following:

0B3CBB35-E3C2- 000000ff 00000000
button/micmute MICMUTE 00000080 00000000 K
0B3CBB35-E3C2- 000000ff 00000000
button/micmute MICMUTE 00000080 00000000 K


0B3CBB35-E3C2- 000000ff 00000000
0B3CBB35-E3C2- 000000ff 00000000

They should differ or (pressed the mentioned key 2 times)?

Could I fix this? Additionally the keys have little LEDs to show the current state.

It's a toggle command, so the keys may not differ if in translated address (though the binary I'm sure is different). My brightness keys have the same address, though they were different. There is nothing for you to fix there.

This is a proprietary keyboard, meaning the drivers must be used in order to access the key combos that you are using.

Search your specific model, bottom of the computer in the big sticker, and Ubuntu 20. Maybe add keyboard function keys.

Though the acpi scripts were installed by default, you may need a newer version of them, which is why we recommended installing acpi support, as this may resolve the issue.

Installing a newer kernel could possibly as well, since the newer kernels include support for newer hardware, even proprietary (Asus is a popular brand that will have coverage in newer kernels).

This isn't an overnight, download and you're done issue. I know, i went through it. It took me weeks to find the scripts, properly install them and ensure functionality. A few months later i went from Zorin 15 to 16, and all of it was included... scripts unnecessary (it was a clean install on a freshly formatted drive).

Since we don't have your exact model and this will be a matter of trial and error, each recommendation will have to be explored, by you, to attempt to resolve this.

As volume and mic controls are on the taskbar and in settings, it is not like you are without control. They are convenience shortcuts, nothing more.

I'm sorry, but suggestions and direction are the best we can do to assist you to resolve it. Try the acpi command. Try a newer kernel (there are tutorials in the tutorials & guides category to install newer kernels).

Hi harvey,

thanks for your answer.

  • acpi-support is installed per default!?
  • I tried Ubuntu 23.10 and the keys were not working with this as well, so newer kernel won't help

So I'll just wait - Hopes and prayers :wink:

I know it's tough to know you can't resolve something immediately. Unfortunately that is how some of these things go, especially so close to release of a newer version of the OS.

This isn't the only issue that won't be resolved until Zorin 17... A wifi card issue is much in the same position.

Church the Zorin blog regularly for news regarding Zorin 17.

In short we can't do more to resolve this, but much is in limbo waiting for the new OS.

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