Asus Zenbook users - touchpad number input is available!

I just found this myself - no idea if anyone else has found this or not but, works perfectly!

I got another Zenbook and got Zorin17 installed. This one is a little different; the touchpad isn't a screen like on my other one. But, does have the number pad lights and input in the touchpad itself. Neat - but didn't work for a while before I started doing some research on it.

This is the driver:

I would suggest issuing sudo chmod +x *.sh before installing .. just makes things a little easier when installing I've found..

When asked y/N on installing - 'N' is the default so be careful, you want to enable all of these so enter 'y' instead of pressing Enter; because it will not run correctly..

There is one minor note to include - it may fail on the first install.. But, just issue ./, let it do its thing, reboot, then rerun the ./ script and should get going after that. Also, make sure to unplug any mouse / keyboard input devices.

Here's a shot of what I got going:

Comes in handy when using numbers a lot - most times I don't even have it active but, much better than using the number row up top! :sunglasses:

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