Atomic Pi Installation?

Hi. I was curious if Zorin OS has been successful installing on an Atomic Pi. At a price of $45 for a quad core and 2 GB of ram would think it would sufficient.

Fun fact, the Atomic Pi was originally designed to be put in the Kuri robot. Mayfield Robotics paused operations because Kuri was before its time, but they had excess SBCs sitting around, so they auctioned them off. Team IoT snapped them up, started a KickStarter, and came out with the Atomic Pi, the repurposed main board from the Kuri robot.

Only ~28,000 Atomic Pi SBCs exist, manufactured by Mayfield, and while Team IoT has claimed they're working on Atomic Pi 2... there's not enough demand to sustain the development costs at only $45 a pop, so the version 2 boards will likely cost significantly more than the $45 of the first version bought for a song at a going-out-of-business auction.

The Atomic Pi has Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, so Zorin OS might work.


I have used Zorin 15.3 and 16 on a quad core machine with double that RAM. While it did run, it was no speed deamon... lol. It would suffice for a web browser, text editor, maybe a media player (downloaded, not streaming). Gnome would use most of the RAM and the swap file would be under heavy use. There are more efficient Linux variants made for such hardware. Zorin isn't one. Not even your more efficient, stripped version would perform that well.

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