Audio is fine out of PC speakers but doesn't come out of usb speakers

The audio comes out of the inbuilt speakers in the box but when I plug in the USB speakers it still just comes out of the PC.

I Sound settings I only have the inbuilt option so can't see how I can fix.

The USB speakers do work.

Try when inserted the USB speakers to launch alsamixer in the terminal and see if you can find it there.

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Thank you for the help
Yes I tried that but no go. It looks like the USB speakers aren't even seen.
The USB ports are fine with other mp3, wav files but still not out of USB speakers.
My USB power gizmo shows 5.23 volts and there is a slight hum out of the speakers when plugged in.

alsamixer screenshot

What do you see if you scroll to the right? You see the arrows on the right side of alsamixer.

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I have taken a screen shot.
alsamixer right

I plugged headphones into the front headphone port and it works fine. It's just the USB speakers that don't.

Okay. What does your Bluetooth connection says. Does it show up there?

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