Audio Is not Working on Zorin 16 with Gigabyte X570 Mobo

In have just installed Zorin 16 on my PC which has a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Ultra system.

The audio icon is greyed out on the bottom right.

I have installed PulseAudio and that has not helped.

This did work last year when I had Zorin 15.3 installed.

I have never had audio problems before.

I dont know what you need to determine the issue for this.

Perhaps @zabadabadoo can work some AlsaMixer magic.

What sound card/s do you have on that PC?
What do you mean by audio not working. Mic's, Speakers, Headphone or all of them?
Have you checked ZorinOS Help re Audio here: Set Up Sound - Zorin Help

Open alsamixer in terminal.
hit [F5] to display "All" sound channels.
Post a screenshot here.

Also can you amend your forum profle to indicate you have Core edition of ZorinOS. Thanks.

The sound is now working. I installed PulseAudio but did not know you has to reboot to get it to work. So when I did this I could get sound.
I dont understand why Zorin does not by default does not suggest something to be able to allow audio to work.
The sound is on board my Gigabyte X570 Mobo.

Also when I went to settings and then looked for sound it does not appear at all.

Anyway it is working now, so my next challenge is to be able to get Zorin to duplicate my display to the other screen connected.

Thanks Raymond

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If you can do that, it will save us having to ask you "which edition?" repeatedly.

I cant find where to update that I am running Zorin 16.


If you click your Picture/Avatar (top right of screen), then:
scroll down to "Zorin OS editions"

I cant find Zorin OS Editions.

I am a basic User. Maybe I dont get that option???

I am attaching screen prints.


Delete that first picture, it shows your email address! (just done it for you).

From the menu on left side, Click on "Profile" then scroll down.

I corrected the Image for the user real quickly.

@RTB from where you see your position in your screenshot, select profile on the left, then scroll down to Zorin OS Editions.

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I have updated my profile with Core.

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