Audio Jack does not work in for NUC11PAHi3000


I installed Zorin on a NUC11PAHi3000 and the audio does not work when I connect the headset jack in front

It does not even show it as a Output Device (only HDMI Output is selectable)

Any input / tips are very very welcome :slight_smile:


A miracle just happened :slight_smile:

I just found this post

and user Jack86 wrote:

add "options snd-hda-intel model=dell-headset-multi" to "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf"
Then reboot. Works like a charm.

And it just works perfectly :open_mouth: But:

  • Can someone just explain me what I just did it?
  • Why just 1 line would make a difference?
  • Why this line is not in Ubuntu (Zorin) standard set up?
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Because not everyone is using a Dell computer.

While the major manufacturers work together with Windows to ensure that the hardware manufacturers encode their products to communicate properly with the drivers, they do not bother to do so with Linux; meaning Linux developers must work more and harder - for less pay.

Remember: Your hardware is not operated by the Operating System that you use. Hardware comes with its own operating system. Your Operating System merely communicates with the Hardware in order to sync operations. This method of communication is what we call: Drivers.
Drivers are like translators; carrying the meaning of terms, the language used, etc.

It makes a difference because it informed the Operating System how to recognize the hardware in order to use and communicate with it.


Hi @Aravisian

Thanks a lot for your input!

As newbie in Linux and hearing that Zorin would be very like Windows-like, I would have though a much simpler way to enable something so easy (at least from the user point of view)

I don't know, maybe the config file should consider all the options for each PC? or maybe chapter in Settings could make the user selecting it from a list (instead of having him changing the config file)?

By the way, what this conf file generally contains? only audio settings?

Thanks really a lot for the support,


Your consideration is very logical. Sadly, from a development P.O.V., it is nowhere near that easy.
You end up needing to consider a range of variables that can be a combination of each other- you may recall in High School math class how combinations can increase exponentially the more variables you add.
As Linux is generally FreeWare; it sometimes means that the user must take up some of the responsibility to go in and change or fix a file, rather than a developer needing to do so for thousands if not more of them.
It's a small price to pay; even if it can be a little frustrating time to time.

Hi @Aravisian

I completely get your point of view and you are right: it is just a huge effort to maintain all possible configurations (specifically as this is really open and free software). And all the folks in the community are just very awesome.

Just to add a point of view, hoping that it might be useful for Zorin discussions. I actually chose a NUC just because it was one of the option available in the website
Maybe from the user point of view, they expect that it works without so many technical backflips. As an idea, maybe Zorin can focus on these few hardware and having it "Zorin Certificated" marked.

I don't know if that makes sense or not. It is just an idea.

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It makes a lot of sense to me... So, I will pass this onward, as well.

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