Audio problem

hey friends i have recently installed zorin os i saw that my audio has been decreased almost 50 %deplition if i compared when i was on windows 10 so please help

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Yes, I am also facing audio problem for wired headphone ....

@zsarthak99 I suggest you open alsamixerin terminal and have a play around with those settings and see what happens:
Is alsamixer showing the right soundcard?
Go to channels marked [MM] and hit M to unmute.
Go to [Auto-Mute], if Enabled set it to Disable

Post a screenshot of your alsamixer after hitting F5 to show "All" channels.

@Soumyo78 I see on the other thread that your audio problem was fixed after a OS Update. Maybe that indicates some kernel related audio problems which are fixed on next update, so @zsarthak99 also check that.

Thanks bro you replied me but I issue is not resolved

Thes are my setting of software you tell about

What do you mean by this. Is everything playing at 50% volume or just some outputs?

What happens if you Unmute those channels that are marked [MM] i.e. Muted?

Check you have your Software Updater set to Main Server. Are there any additional updates.

EDIT: Have you also looked at this:

.50 percent volume means when I was using windows my output Is very good but after shifting on zorin its output decreased

There's a setting to allow over amplification; while not ideal, it works to get the higher volume like you do in Windows

Already tried

Do u talk about speaker ,or headphone? Are u using wireless headphone?
Do u used pavucontrol that we talked about it in other topic to raise the volume of speaker.
When u raise the volume to 150 or 200, that not effect on raising the sound?

my inbuilt speaker has decresed audio other headphone and earphone output is same

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