Audio Problems (Spotify stops randomly)

if I listen to Spotify and then comes eg a system sound, Spotify is muted and I have to unmute it in the settings again. I have now searched the Internet for several hours, Pulse reset, restarted, etc.. So far without success.
In addition, the sound settings are always changed after a restart (of course from the PC). For example, instead of my headset, my screen was first used for output, suddenly my headset was set as output instead of my micro. Even with apps like Teamspeak, everything is then adjusted.
And another (small) problem with the sound: I have a headset with two audio tracks: One for the VoiceChat (Teamspeak) and one for the other (System, Spotify, Games, etc). Unfortunately, Zorin only recognizes the latter audio track.

Thanks in advance for help :smiley:

EDIT: I could observe that this problem occurs only when I have TeamSpeak open.

I tried a little more and was able to solve the problem. If someone else has the problem:

This thread has the solution to the problem: TeamSpeak mutes Spotify - TeamSpeak . I could not find the file specified there on the first try, after resetting PulseAudio I was then able to follow the instructions.

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