Audio Stutter on USB Wireless headphones

I recently switched to linux and I'm having some issues with my wireless usb headphones. I have the steelseries arctis 1 wireless headset, the mic and audio passthrough automically although they are detected twice. Once as Analog output and once as Digital Output (S/PDIF). That isn't my main issue though, my main problem is that my audio starts to stutter after 30 minutes of use(It plays the audio but it cuts back and then corrects itself making the sound weird and even making frames stutter in videos), I have also uploaded an audio file of this onto freesound here.

Some solutions I have tried:

  1. I tried downloading the official windows software but it wasn't able to finish downloading
  2. I changed realtime-scheduling to 'no' in the daemon.conf file in pulseaudio, because it apparently helped someone else experiencing stutter.

Thanks for any help,

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Even you managed to download this software, it will not work in Linux.

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Steelseries doesn't release software for linux but they do for windows. Connect the headset to a windows machine where their software has a timeout option for powering itself off. Set this to unlimited and it seems to have changed something in the headset firmware, such that it no longers disconnects in linux.

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Yet one more proof that one needs a bare-metal Windows to deal with a firmware issue.

Would it not work in WINE?


Whatever you do, NEVER EVER run firmware/BIOS updater under Wine nor virtual environment.

Those setups virtualize the hardware and OS is not talking directly with a real hardware.

Not only it is deleterious to the OS, it could also harm the hardware.


I have previously run the steelseries software in wine, but it was extremely unstable. It is not worth the damage it could cause. I definitely would not do a bios upgrade using wine!


But Is timing out the actual problem?, I'm just getting short stutter.

You may want to search your headset model and driver for Ubuntu 20... this might enlighten you to a port someone has in github or possibly another solution.

This is very specific and unless we have your hardware, which I'm sorry but have neither the interest or cash flow to purchase, we will not be able to find a working solution. We can only make suggestions.

Majority of this is done by searching the web, which you are capable of. We are volunteers, not paid tech support and do not have to resolve this for you.

You may try the manufacturer or see if there is a Linux friendly headset that is similar or even better.


Alright mate, thanks for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:
I'll experiment and try out new things overtime and will update on the forum.
Thanks for helping me out

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