Authentication failure with SU command

I only installed Zorin last week and I've been getting used to it. Trying to install Java, I went to the terminal, put in su and was prompted for the password. I put it in and get "Authentication failure." I know, do I have my password right? Well, I wish I could make sure in Zorin, but I can't, because can't see them. The prompt doesn't even move when I type, and I don't know if that's normal or not.

But never mind that, I have tried to put it in between ten and fifteen times now, even reciting the letters numbers and symbols as I do. Yes, I have made sure the caps lock isn't on. Authentication works everywhere else, just not at the prompt for the "su" command.

It is. This prevents an observer from being able to guess your password.

I had this happen to me this past week, too.
Very strange.

sudo apt install --reinstall policykit-1 policykit-1-gnome

It took my password. I saw the install happen. But at the end, but it didn't help. It's still giving me an authentication error message.

Is it only giving this error message on certain installations?

I need to work on my reading comprehension. I just now noticed this.
Do not use su on Zorin OS. Use sudo.

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Aravisian is correct, Sudo is required.

For example, I need a new brain. So, I will do, sudo apt-get StarTreker new-brain.

Thanks! I hadn't used su or sudo in my life. I was strictly a Windows user.

Issue cleared!

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I understand completely. I only recently migrated to Linux from Windows and it was a startling learning curve. But it also opened up a whole new world to me that Windows never could.

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