Authentication required when accessing Google Chrome

When I log into Zorin and try to access my preferred Browser (Google Chrome) I get asked to authenticate to unlock the keyring. Not sure how to prevent this from happening. Added a screenshot

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Disable auto-login of the system, should suffice.


Also try unchecking that option under the writing field, maybe it's so easy :grin:.

I tried a couple of things but just turning off auto login works best, which you should do anyway. What if someone steals your PC? I set the power button to Suspend so I don't have to login in the morning. Turn off Lock Screen on Suspend in the Privacy settings.

Now that Chrome has finally fixed their slow scrolling (the Scroll Speed Fix extension wasn't that great), this is a good time for Windows/Chrome users to switch to Zorin.

BTW, be sure to try making some shortcut icons to websites (More tools/Create shortcut). They show up in Start/Chrome Apps. Make your shortcuts to the desktop or taskbar from there. You can delete them with the Main Menu app.

If you use the automated login, having no password for login the D-E, you have the 'protection' on Chrome via the Keyring.
Chrome is a protected browser mainly used for the Gateways in the Google Clouds and Suites.
Of course, when one uses 'just the browser' for everyday use, it is maybe no fun for having password prompts. But remember that Chrome, on Linux, integrates in Linux on a high level where other browsers simply are more restricted.
Yes, Chrome is more intended as a professional browser, Gateway. A few clicks b.t.w. can reveal all your inlogs and passwords for many usages (including this Forum).
So either you work with the Keyring password-manager, or either you password protect your inlog at the startup of the D-E. Suspend is as well password protected on wake, just because of the same reasoning : Security Levels set high.
All can be passed and with a workaround made obsolete, but remember that you'll have 0,0 Security if your laptop or computer is e.g. stolen or lost.

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