Auto Login script for Zorin (New to Zorin)


I am trying to figure out a way to make a script for Zorin to auto login if there is every a power outage or a restart on the machine. Has anyone had any experience with this I am a noob but would love to learn.

The first thing you have to do is to set your bios to start on power applied. You may have to go into the advanced settings to do that.

After you have that set so it turns on the computer when power is applied you then can go to settings and under your user settings you can turn on auto login so that when Zorin starts it will automatically log you in.

I have my computers set up that way. After I shut down at night I turn off my power strip for my monitor and printer and PC. In the morning when I get up I just turn on the power strip and everything starts up and Zorin automatically begins with me already logged in.

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Does this still allow you to have a password for security though? Thanks

Well of course it will boot up to the desktop without you putting in the password.. But you can leave your lock screen settings turned on so that when you are away from your PC the screen is locked. If you want Zorin to start automatically when power is supplied but leave the screen locked until you want to use it then you just need to make the changes in the bios so that it will start the PC when power is supplied.


Thank you I will try this out!!!!

You're welcome. If you have any problems there are several members on this forum with much more knowledge than I have. And they are a pretty friendly bunch too. Welcome to the forum by the way.

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