Automated install tool?

Hi there,

First off, thank you for such a great OS!

I'm wondering if anybody knows of a tool for Zorin OS (Core) that is similar to the simple-ccd tool for Debian?

The reason I ask is because I'm wanting make a script that can take a Zorin OS release, automatically configure it for what I need and then remake the ISO image so I can use it to spin up burner laptops for workshops.

I'd like to automate preconfiguring disk layout, locale and timezone; setting up default user/password; apt install some extra packages and run some scripts once the Zorin OS installer is finished, etc.

Any leads would be great.


Ok, first off that tool is likely to be for a bare minimum install or net-install as Zorin images are DVD size not CD. You would be better at looking at a live usb tool which quite a few other distros have such as MX-Linux.

You could take a look here:

But this is likely to be your best way forward:

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Thanks for your reply.

I should be more clear though. I'm not looking to make a live disc, nor backup a current installation into a restorable ISO. Ideally, I'm talking about the possibility of:

  • Seeding Zorin OS installer with prefilled answers for items like disk layout, locale/timezone, username/password; that sort of thing; and
  • Adding post-install script to the Zorin OS installer, to do some tasks either after the install is done, or on first boot, or on first login (preferably run a non-interactive bash script).

I'd like to use Zorin OS because of its great look and feel, as opposed to using another distro :wink:

So anything that can get me in that direction would be great.


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