Automatic Updates Paused Metered Network

I don't know if this has been done before but being new to Linux Zorin I found this
fix. I was using my Cell in USB tethering and came across this, funnily it does not happen using the Cell in WiFi mode. See screen shots.

Don't do anything with this box but go to 3dashes right top click on

select update preferences

Turn off top one Fixed

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As Dell boy would say "Cushty" :wink:

I had the same thing happen, but it was on our WiFi connection with a cable modem. The "Automatic Updates" slider was off. I searched and searched for a solution... come to find out, toggling the "Automatic Updates" slider to on, then back to off fixed it.

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I am trying to figure out if this is a Help Question or a Tutorial :thinking:
If the latter, maybe should be moved to "Tutorials" or "Chat about Zorin" forum section?

Yes i believe feedback, as i have been meaning to put in a bug report myself.
This only happens via hotspot & usb dongle.

My temp fix is.
Open setting in wifi , check the "Metered Connection" & "APPLY".
"UNcheck" the "Metered" Connection" & "APPLY".

Reboot & issue is gone.

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