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I have a laptop with 3 internal SSDs

1 Win10
1 Zorin16
1 data

grub handles the dual boot

I want the data drive to REALLY auto mount at startup as I have my music library and mails among others stored in the data drive.

After startup when I launch my mail client it opens but none of my local folders/mails stored in the data are available...same for my music in is only when I open the data disk in home or file that automatically the mail client and music app get all the folders/files/mails...

I want a way that when I power on my laptop in Zorin I do not have to browse for the data drive to get my content...(as it work for windows...) is their any way I can do it...?

I tried
sudo nano /etc/fstab
and there add

UUID=F4CA38FACA38BB26 /data ntfs defaults 0 2

but then seems nothing not know what to do then...

Click Zorin :zorin: icon...

Type Disks...

Launch the DISKS utility...

Choose drive on left side list...

Then click :gear: icon




thank you...I already did no success...

Actually it is already setup like this and the data drive is not auto mounted at startup as written before.
I also tested the user seesion defaults unselected and this was worst after a reboot as the drive would not mount even when browsing it in home or file

I really want a solution that work as if I am on W10...

Wait, Win10?

Is this drive using NTFS partition? If answered yes, that is the issue right there I am sure, and I don't know the magical codes to make NTFS work properly on Linux.

Linux is known for not handling NTFS very well. Linux excels at handling GPT and EXT4 based partition management. You will have to wait for someone who knows the magical NTFS codes to fix this in terminal.

no offense but I think this is not really the reason..

from Z16 I can browse my data drive, open any file stored in it without any issue and this despite the data drive being in ntfs...what does not work is the auto mount as a REAL auto mount (means no need to 1st browse the data drive in disk or home or file to then get the data available in my e-mail client or music app...)
I understand that Z16 position itself as Win replacement but there is still some progress to do...

Until someone can come in here with better advice, this is all I got.

thks...will give a try

Or this as a bit more up to date:

I followed the instructions from the last one you sent before posting here...

when you see the capture I posted at the beginning is there anything else I should do? We see down the capture some menus...should I use one?

The menus will be handled by your keyboard shortcuts:
ctrl+x to Exit, then tap the y key to save and then the enter key to save as current configuration.
There will be prompts on your screen (in case your region and language is other than English): please read them to ensure the right key for y.

It may not hurt to reopen the file and take a look just to look and ensure that all changes saved properly.

thks...I found how to solve this

I updated the Mount point path in disk with /data, restarted the PC and then the data drive is automatically mounted. Had then to re do the path of my mails in the mail client and since that it works as expected

For those who don't know, Mount Point the OP is talking about, is located right where I got censored.

Good work Arkhane!

Yay! You got it!

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