AVIF Files How To Open

I searched and did see a possible plugin for GNOME's Image Viewer, which was obtainable pre-2021 with apt-get, but apparently no longer. You might find it in some third-party repos based on your level of trust.

Consequently, I found out that an alternative name for GNOME's Image Viewer is "Eye of GNOME", eog, which I find immeasurably more fun to say...

  • Otherwise you could try the gdk-pixbuf plugin for Eye of GNOME, I found all the dependencies in Synaptic with Ubuntu repos:
    sudo apt-get install gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0-0 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev libgdk-pixbuf2.0-bin
    Since those above are plugins, you probably might consider closing and re-opening GNOME's Image Viewer.

  • I also found some info that Eye of MATE eom is supposed to provide support for AVIF - and again, I made sure that this was available with default Ubuntu repos. You might try an apt-get for that as well: sudo apt-get install eom

Maybe you can make a script to handle easy opening of AVIFs which calls the avif-bin package to view them? You might have to build it from source though, as I couldn't find any mention of a source for avif-bin.

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WOW that was an awful lot of work ..... thank you ..... it will take me a while to digest all that info I'm not as tech savvy as I used to be and with Zorin I'm just learning to crawl ..... good thing there are a lot of patient folks here on this board .... otherwise I would be put on a permanent time-out ..... :thinking: :grinning:

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Really not a big deal. I hope I could help and wish I could've helped more. In all honesty I'm also very new and still learning, mostly from trial/error.

I just started sleuthing on certain topics now that I have a little more time on hands and only opt to help out on things I thought I understand a little about. Out of curiosity and desire to learn more and a few or four searches with different wording is what gets me closer to my lightbulb, but that's more likely for another, more experienced Linux user such as yourself I'm betting.

When I don't want to learn more I brush my teeth and go to bed haha.


Gday @ajo001 , your contributions are greatly appreciated,

As one can't know all ( mind you some on here are very close :smile: ) Like anything, we all learn little by little, unless you wish to make it a carrer.
So as you pointed out, try to start with things you know & learn by taking interest in other matters & do that research, in the end bit by bit, thing's will start to become more fluent.
If/when we make mistakes, you have others here that will help if they can, ( if their knowledgable to the subject)..

Keep up the good work, all help is appreciated :+1:

Yes we understand that we all dont have time to be here, but is appreciated when you do have the time.
Thank on behalf.
Zorin forum community


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