Avoid using Timeshift on Zorin 16 Core


It started out with me making a game to be playable with subtitles in a certain language that uses cyrillic, and that game ran using wine. In order for the cyrillic subtitles to be legible, I had to change Zorin 16 Core system language to that language. Everything worked fine but I changed my mind after a couple of days, and reverted system language to English. To my surprise, after this wine started producing error messages regarding missing libraries (one after another), so I wanted to take the easy way out, and I ran Timeshift snapshot I had made on an SD card. Sadly, after that system restore was complete, the screen froze on Zorin startup screen. And after turning the laptop off and on again, I was greeted with error messages, including one that said "kernel panic".
Before this, I had used Timeshift to successfully restore system data on Mint 19.3 at least three times.
So that's that. A small warning to those using timeshift, a little piece of feedback to Zorin.

Or it could just be that your SD Card is reaching end of life, errors in partition information, ...



Yeah, I guess that could be the case as well. I should have just kept another snapshot in /home, as a plan b.

That is where I keep mine. I did have an issue when I installed Devuan that gives you option at install to have separate /var. It got full and I couldn't clean it up and system baulked. So on restoration that baulked to as var was full! Now I just install with separate home. Also did you have SD card formatted to Ext 4?

Yeah in properties, it says ext3/ext4, but it also says that "Some of the contents are unreadable". I wonder if that's just because it contains a TS snapshot, or is it actually in a bad state...

If it is saying ext3/ ext4 I suspect in bad state. You can't have reference to two different journalling file systems. I did a back up of failing drive of snapshot, not realising at time you have to save to ext4 as I had saved to preformatted NTFS external hard drive.

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