Awesome VM broke my blender scroll

I installed awesome vm, decided not to use- no change at all for me... except blender (which is an executable file on my computer) is scrolling inverted from the rest of my OS. How do I remove awesome vm? And will that change this?

Awesome WM*

I fixed the problem by inverting in blender's settings, but how do I uninstall Awesome?

sudo apt remove awesome

sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

That should remove Awesome WM.

I just realized I installed with synaptic and could've used that. :person_facepalming: Thanks.

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Hmmm... I did autoclean and autoremove and...
it's aborting?

datburned newfangled devices.
You can use

sudo apt autoremove -y

To see if that stops stdin from auto-aborting.

Looks like it worked.

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