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Hi all !

How do I get an image to be centered in the background, regardless of its size?

By background, I assume you mean your desktop wallpaper background? If so, I find its best to use an image that is the same resolution that you have your system set to. For example, if 1080P, then use a 1080P image. If 4K, use a 4K image.

If you mean, that something in the image itself is not centered within the center of the image, well, nothing short of some GIMP production work, is going to solve that I think.

Is there an image that I can help you with? Do you need me to hunt down an image that hopefully is within your screen resolution?

It's just that other Linux distributions like Mint, do it automatically whatever the screen resolution...
I often choose a picture and select wallpaper... But it appears too big because it is not resized by Zorin OS...
But well, I didn't search enough maybe !
Anyway, linuxian for more than 25 years, this distribution is great !
Thanks, from France, for answering me.

I think it's a Gnome thing and not a Zorin specific problem. Anyway I use Gimp to make the wallpapers in perfect condition.

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Storm makes beautiful wallpapers. They are always breathtaking. :blush:

OK. Thank you !

In Zorin OS Core, you can use Gnome Tweak Tool to choose whether to tile, center, stretch, etc.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks.

Gnome removed the options from settings back when ubuntu 17 was around, I think.

In Zorin OS Lite, go to Settings > Desktop > Style to choose whether zoomed, centered, etc.

On some desktops, my preferred app Nitrogen works, including Cinnamon Desktop. Nitrogen also enables you to choose a different wallpaper for external or additional monitors (another feature that Gnome removed in the past).


Thank you for the informations !

Thanks for that tip Aravisian as I use Cinnamon DE I used the terminal to download and install Nitrogen .... we'll see how she works ....



Thank you ! It works perfectly well for my needs !
Have a good day.


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