Background Panoramas of Zorin 17

Not sure why no one is talking about Background panoramas feature of zorin 17. it is the background 360 image of your cube. check here

i couldnt find many good quality ones online.

what are your favourite ones? Share them here.
my personal fav is -


I did try creating my own years ago with the 1+ 3 and then the 1+ 3T but I would always get some tearing in the finished product so not a brilliant piece of Camera software on the smartphone. Good find. You don't have to have 360 walls for the cube but guess it helps, but then again, the cube takes up most of the desktop real estate and any wall chosen for the 360 degree wall behind the cube seems to get magnified anyways! "I can remember't days when tha c'd get wallpaper on top't cube and bottom't cube!" (showing my ancient age - now 68!)

check this one out, it looks amazing in my opinion..


Found a few here:

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Just curious, do you have a top end graphics card and 4K screen?

nope. ;-;

Cool! :sunglasses: