Backup "encrypted" recovery


Some time ago, I tried to use the luckyBackup application as a backup manager.

1] I created the backup profile in luckyBackup, and defined the source and destination directories for the files.

2] For testing purposes, I performed the backup task.

3] Upon completion, luckyBackup reported several errors in transferring files. I even managed to view the report with the errors, but I didn't understand the reasons.

4] As I was "in a hurry" at the time, I deleted the hidden files that luckyBackup had created (both in the source and destination directory), and backed up manually.

However, I made a recent backup, and I'm having trouble recovering the files.

A] After a few weeks, I tried to use luckyBackup again, this time to do the backup incrementally.

B] I have not had satisfactory results. And again, I deleted the hidden files that the app created.

However, here's an addendum: after some tests, I realized that luckyBackup changed the permission of the directories that would be transferred in the backup. I managed to change the permissions manually, to the original configuration.

And once again, I erased the hidden files the app created.

C] I proceeded again with the manual backup. Transfer the files to a flash drive.

Here begins my "nightmare": when I try to open the files, both on external media and on a computer, I can't execute them.

Strangely I can only open some media files (like videos, and audio files).

All ".txt" text files appear with strange characters (most with just one line of consecutive "ÿ"), I can't see any image files, and some directories appear empty.

However, in the flash drive, it appears by the size of the files, that they are there. But when I transfer to computer, this problem occurs.

I suspect something related to encryption, coming from luckyBackup itself, since it uses this artifice to perform the transfer.

Can anybody help me?! I have important files to recover. (I understand it was my fault)


In order to recover and decrypt an encrypted backup, you must use the same software you used to create the files, along with having the created key for decryption. If you removed all of those files, you may have shot yourself in the foot.

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