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Hi, I recently migrate from zorin os 16 to zorin 16 lite , but i dont know how i restore backup in zorin 16 lite because there is no backup app i find to restore my data .

I assume you used deja dup (i.e. Backup utility) that comes with ZorinOS Gnome editions. It is not bundled with XFCE editions, as you have discovered.
Have a look at this post:

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appologize for late response , it means i am not able to restore my files??? these files are important to me, only i move to zorin os lite because zorin 16 have soo many bugs too slow i hate zorin 16 , older version zorin os 15 is far better than 16.

The best thing you can do is have an external hard drive, create a folder, say Zorin 16 Core - then open your /home folder, press Ctrl+ H - this will show up all the hidden files beginning with a dot (.) e.g., .mozilla - all these hidden files will contain your Firefox settings and other application settings. When you install lite, install the apps that you had in Core, then delete the hidden files in LIte and copy and paste your hidden files into your Lite /home folder.

i dont know i need to take these steps , so i need to again install zorin os 16 core restore backup , then follow your steps and again install zorin os 16 lite and restore it. long and time consuming method i think this is the possible solution or install zorin os 16 pro in virtual machine .

If you used deja dup to back up to a external drive or google, you can install it on zorin lite and then restore your files, speaking from experience, your fonts and theme info don't restore very well, but your documents and files should be fine.
sudo apt install deja-dup
If restoring from Google the folder name is the old installs name.


Thank you it is the best solution I restore all my files without installing zorin OS 16 :slight_smile:

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