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How do we increase network speed? Here's not like on Windows where we could change wireless card settings such as Transmit/Receive buffers and Scan valid interval. On my laptop downloads speed using Firefox floats between about 500 Kb/s and 1 Mb/s :flushed:. And I never changed any network setting.

You can try a few tweaks and tips to increase network speed:


When was the last time you rebooted your router? This is essentially a low power computer, managing network communications. In order to refresh the router, you should reboot it twice a month (the admin software may have a way to schedule reboots).


Ok, I see it, on my router settings there's a section to do it, but does it reset settings that I changed?

Like a computer, it saves the configuration to a file. Any time you make a change to the router, it restarts the service, a soft reboot. That is so the changes can be implemented, since the routing service runs completely from ram. So to answer your question, yes the changes on the router will be saved.

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Looks like I got an enhancement. If I knew earlier that plugging my pocket router (ZTE MF90+) would get that speed I'd have done much earlier. Anyway, from Wi-Fi to Ethernet doesn't change the network speed, it keeps floating much. Maybe I should change some settings there on the Speedtest homepage, there's Multi/Single and Change Server but I'm not good at that.

The router configuration is only part of speed factors. Your ISP and plan with them will have a determining factor. If your plan is 100MB down, 20MB up, you're average will be half that in both directions. Then whether you have quality of service (qos) or forwarding configured it may reduce the speed. You will see 100+ to the router, but the ISP connection then bottle-necks the communication (unless you have a plan that can handle the traffic).

Setting up QOS will slow other user's experience on your network. It's always a trade off.

Configuring both streaming and gaming as high priority will cause your router to work harder, most likely resulting in both having slow moments and buffering.

Wired is always faster than wifi. It sounds like the limitation is your ISP.

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